Shipping Rate Calculator

Shipping Rate Calculator

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Get competitive shipping rates. See the current exchange rate.

Competitive shipping rates specially designed to save you money

We charge you a


price compared to

all our competitors, who will easily charge you an arm and a leg. And we both know that it is unfair.

Many of our competitors charge based on width, height and then weight, making it so confusing for you. At Holders, we don’t use such method because you end up paying extra fees. We charge only by actual weight of your items. And you can even lower your shipping costs by consolidating all of your items into one box instead five different boxes and this will save you up to 80% of shipping cost.

Why is holders the best? we save your money

  • No hidden fees
  • No Receiving, Handling or Processing Fees
  • No fuel Surcharge fees
  • No Registration or membership fees
  • No Consolidation fees
  • No storage fees
  • No customs paperwork preparation fees
holders is best

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